Email Setup:
Server TypeServer AddressAvailable Ports
POP3 Server:mail.acmehost.com113, 995(SSL)
IMAP Server:mail.acmehost.com143, 993(SSL)
SMTP Server:mail.acmehost.com25, 465(SSL), 587

The SMTP server (outgoing mail server) is setup for SMTP Authentication, so you must enable that in your mail client in order to send mail. If your unable to connect to the mail server try changing the port to 587 instead of 25, as some ISPs are now blocking all access to port 25 except for their mailserver in order to help curb spam.

If you use Eudora and need to change to port 587, open Eudora and click this link:

All three servers support SSL, which I would advise you to use if available in your mail client. The SMTP server is also setup to use TLS. These encrypt the data connection between your client and the server. This helps guard your password from being broadcast over the internet for hackers to grab. It's advised that you use SSL for POP3 and IMAP, and TLS for SMTP. TLS will work on both ports 25 and 587 for the SMTP server.